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KAEFER Group Lean Awards 2019

Congratulations! Norway was awarded with our very own ‘Lean Best Performance Award 2019’ and Canada with the ‘Lean Best Development Award 2019’.

KAEFER Energy in Norway achieved the highest LEAN coverage and the highest LEAN impact amongst all entities of the KAEFER Group in 2019. Early on, Norwegian management focused on qualifying the entire team from operators to directors as part of the Lean Development Programme. As a result, Norway has the highest number of LEAN certified employees and even three managers with the second highest LEAN certification level: Lean Professional. KAEFER Energy also piloted the advanced LEAN approaches of the ‘Improvement and Coaching KATA’ as well as the ‘Strategy Deployment with Hoshin Kanri’, both with sustainable success.

KAEFER in Canada won ‘Lean best development’ for its improved LEAN coverage, LEAN impact, LEAN maturity and increased number of LEAN projects. Furthermore, the Canadian team increased the number of LEAN trainings the most. Because of its increased problem-solving capabilities within the team, Canada also achieved the highest productivity increase within the KAEFER Group. Lately, KAEFER Canada expanded the LEAN scope from operations to supporting functions. Thus, focusing on the entire Project Lifecycle from initiation & planning to execution and monitoring in their LEAN projects.

Congratulations to both entities and all KAEFER employees involved in their success!

Picture of KAEFER Group Lean Awards 2019 certificates